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created by 68 firebird
5.03/10 over 139 votes

Shamus is a Malumute/Husky Cross that we got a local rescue place. He is about 2 years old and is quite childish.
Nisjka (Nees-ka) is a mini american eskimo, as with all small dogs he has a small dog complex. Even if he is the smallest dog in the room, he could whoop all ther asses.

This white fluffball is a SPCA dog a s well. He is a very vocal dog that barks constantly at the sound of a pin dropping. GRRRRRRRR

Oh well he can be cute.
Joey the Cat
Joey is 8 years old and has many personalities, he can be all lovy dovy and the next minute biting your nose off.

Decius will vouch for joey as they have become very close pals.

Good looking cat what?
Joey at about 4 weeks
Shamus and Nisjka
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