what the phuck?!
i don't understand this site at all!

Blues Brothers,Barenaked LAdies,John Belushi

not to work and be rich :D
fast and the furious,JLo,too many

Prof. Soccer Player
Saving Private Ryan,DMX,Samuel L. Jackson

fight club,couldnt say,jet lee

Hit the rodeo circuit
Pure Country,George Strait,George Strait

Exactly what im doing now
American Pie 2,Blink-182,Seann William Scott

any Monty Python,Small Brown Bike,Randy Quaid

The Beverly Hill Billies,Queen,Erika Eleniak

Doing something I love
The last dragon,Maxwell,Will smith

TRL host
Impossible to answer,Impossible to answer,Edward Norton

Too many to list,BNL, AIS, The Doors,Undecided

i dont know
Amagedon,Outkast,Ben Affleck

Rock singer grrl
LOTR,Chicks on Speed,Elijah Wood

the green mile,Brandy,vin diesel

Car Racer
Superman,Utara Hikaru,Steven Seagal

concept artist
LORD OF THE RINGS,depends on my mood,depends

Professional Baseball Player
Friday,112,Homer Simpson

dragonfly,ja rule,harrison ford

Radio Host
Field of Dreams,Our Lady Peace,Josh Hartnett

Make hella money playing music
Fast And The Furious,DFiVE9,Norm MacDonald

beach bum
Grosse Pointe Blank,?,?

Movie Director
Beetle Geuss,NIN,Steven From the Dell com.

Rock Star
The Matrix,Incubus,i dont know?

International Business
Too Many,Many,Robert DeNiro

Fashion Designer
Gone in 60 Seconds,KoRn,Slipknot,Ryan Phillippe

Jay and Silent Bob,Afroman,Cheech and Chong

Blackhawk Down,dave matthew\'s band,Jim Carey

Haven\'t Dreamt That Far Ahead
There are too many.,Many,Tom Hanks

The One Bill Gates Has
Top Gun,Linkin Park,I dont know

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